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Real Estate Legal Services

Acquisitions and Dispositions


Just because buying and selling transactions are common doesn’t mean they are risk-free and straightforward. The worst time to discover problems with the transaction’s terms is right after closing! At FCWS, our experienced team of real estate attorneys will protect and advocate for you, safeguarding your investment.

Real Estate Development and Zoning


The intricacies of zoning and development rules have never been more burdensome and nuanced than they are today. Fisher Cohen Waldman Shapiro, LLP will take that burden off of your shoulders. No matter how large or small your real estate project is, we will get it launched and approved successfully.

Financing (Debt & Equity)


The FCWS team knows that closing a real estate transaction requires financing, and our team’s extensive experience and connections within the industry can help you find it. Whether you are looking for debt financing or an equity investor, we will make introductions to help you find the money you need.

Condominium and Association Law


At Fisher Cohen Waldman Shapiro, LLP, we have extensive experience in dealing with the legal rights of occupants when they are confronted with condominium or association rules and regulations that restrict their rights. Don’t fight these battles alone! Turn to our team of professionals who know how to navigate these complexities and advocate for your rights.

Construction Contracts & Financing


Buying or selling real estate is complex enough when the property will be left “as-is.” Add construction to the mix, and the risks to the owner increase significantly! Whether you’re dealing with compliance issues with your lender or contractors and lien waivers, FCWS will take that burden off of your shoulders so you can focus on overseeing your construction project.

Private Placements


Sizable real estate projects often require outside funding from numerous sources. To raise this funding for a real estate venture, you need to prepare a private placement offering for potential investors.

Our professionals have the expertise to ensure you prepare a private placement memorandum in compliance with all attendant rules and regulations issued by various government entities charged with oversight. Finding investors is challenging enough — don’t run the risk of legal problems once you find them.

Joint Ventures


Joint ventures are one of the easiest methods to enter into a real estate project. They leave the individual participants intact and provide simplicity for entry, exit, and termination. However, if you fail to define the participants’ roles and responsibilities clearly, it can lead to conflict and financial loss.

The legal professionals at Fisher Cohen Waldman Shapiro, LLP are highly skilled in documenting JV formations, and we will ask the right questions to get the agreement right from day one. Don’t open yourself up to financial damages — call our legal team at (224) 260-3090 for your joint venture agreement.

Distressed Situations


Several factors can jeopardize your real estate property, so you need a team of experts who can step in and deal with any outside parties on your behalf. We will handle communication with lenders, government agencies, landlords, general contractors, and many other parties who could negatively impact your distressed real estate parcel.

Landlord & Tenant Representation


The lease between a tenant and a landlord is complex. That document governs every aspect of their relationship going forward, both seen and unforeseen. Our FCWS professionals are experienced from both sides of the leasing table, so they will create and negotiate a lease agreement that protects both parties. Proper planning today will help prevent unresolvable disputes tomorrow.

Note Purchases


Purchasing a loan preserves the order of security interest and can transfer all of the original rights and remedies of the initial lender. In some cases, it can also have significant tax liability benefits. At FCWS, our professionals have negotiated note purchases from lenders for over four decades. We know how to assess the appropriateness of the action, approach the lender, and document the transaction.

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